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NorCal Chapter 2021 Event Roundup and 2022 Plans

Our chapter would like to report on the rewarding programs we offered in 2021 and that we are planning for 2022. These have been great for networking with critical care practitioners in Northern California and enhancing the professional development of our members.

In 2021, we were able to offer SCCM’s Pediatric FCCS Course and ICU Liberation Course. This was the first time the PFCCS course was offered in Northern California and one of the first ICU liberation courses ever offered outside of the annual SCCM symposium. Both courses were well attended and enthusiastically received by practitioners from 13 different hospitals. We were also able to begin certification of several chapter members to be instructors for these courses. These courses were made possible by the generous support of SCCM in providing licenses and offering technical support.

Going into 2022, we already have adult and pediatric FCCS courses planned and hope to present the ICU Liberation course again, as well. We’re thankful to SCCM for the support they provide in creating these opportunities for us to connect with the medical community and further education in our field.

In 2021, we presented a virtual lecture on Pediatric Burn Care (by one of our new Board of Director members, Dr. Kathleen Romanowski) and presented a panel discussion on Post ICU Syndrome with special emphasis on post-COVID manifestations (presented by 3 directors of PICU clinics in California).

We will be hosting our 6th Annual Research Symposium with presentations by Critical Care Pharmacy residents and others in critical care training programs. We plan to include presentations by residents who are considering careers in critical care, as well.

Finally, we are planning on partnering with the San Mateo Emergency Reserve Corp to teach the American College of Surgeons’ “Stop the Bleed” course. This is a requested skill set for their members and will serve our ambition to network with other organizations in the area tasked with providing care to those who are critically injured.

A new president was elected to lead our chapter, Dr. Leigh Slater. She will be leading the Board Of Directors with several new members to make 2022 an even better year for our chapter than 2021!

If you'd like to be involved with any of these events and/or host an ICU Liberation course at your institution, please drop a note in the comments or email us. We'd love to work with you!


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